Emergency Response Training and Consulting
An emergency can happen anywhere, at any time. The goal of FIRST RESPONDER Emergency Response Training and Consulting is to help you prepare for these incidents. From start to finish, our group of professional instructors will teach your staff what needs to be done before, during, and after a medical emergency has occurred.

To care for someone during a medical emergency, two things are required: Information, such as the proper way to control bleeding, and equipment, such as an Automated External Defibrillator used to shock a cardiac arrest victim's heart. Unlike most training providers, we can supply you with both.
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All courses delivered by FIRST RESPONDER are instructed by licensed EMT-Paramedics with years of real world experience in the subjects that they teach. Wouldn't you rather learn CPR from a medical professional who has actually performed CPR?

We strive to create a low-stress environment during our courses. We believe that people learn better when they are relaxed. We won't be standing over you with a stopwatch!

Contact us at 608-415-5090 to schedule a class or find out how we can help make your workplace safer!